Applying our hands-on experience to the transformation of the food chain and rural areas

Applying our hand-on experience to the transformation of the food chain and rural areas

In 1999, Alberto Serrano, Ángel Vicente, Miguel Muñoz and Paul Soto created Grupo Alba Int. SLL (an Employee-Owned Limited Liability Company) in Plasencia, Cáceres. 


As like-minded professionals who had worked together successfully since the 1980’s, we decided to pool the expertise we had developed in farming and food technologies, quality control, marketing, financial management, territorial development and networking. Since then, our multidisciplinary team has successfully grown both the agro-food and the territorial development sides of the business.


We are deeply involved in the ongoing transformation of the food chain by providing technical support, packing and marketing high quality fruit for over 1200 small local farmers. This has allowed us to become a renowned supplier of high-quality cherries in Europe.

This and our direct support to many local development projects informs our wider European networking and technical assistance for all forms territorial development and for the food chain. Our strength lies in our ability to combine our experience on the ground, both in the food chain and in territorial development with broader policy development and networking at an international level.

Where we are based

Grupo Alba is based in Plasencia. This historic market town is the strategic meeting point for the main farming areas of the North of Extremadura. As we are so close to the farming heartland, we can efficiently manage production and ensure that once our fruit is picked it is promptly handled. This allows us to respond rapidly to the evolving needs of our clients both in terms of volumes, quality and food safety.  

Grupo Alba also has an office Brussels (Belgium), the nerve centre of the European Union. Our deep involvement in a series of EU networks and policies means that we can bring a broader transnational perspective to our local and national activity – while also enriching our European work with the evolving insights that come from working directly on the ground.

The Company. The People.

Grupo Alba is intensely involved in supporting all stages and sectors of the fruit and vegetable producing areas of Extremadura. We offer our expertise in the production, handling, processing and distribution of fresh produce to thousands of farmers that live in these areas. Our facilities are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology for refrigerating, optical sizing, classifying and packaging of more than 4,000 tonnes of local cherries. We apply the highest quality standards and bespoke software to control our production processes efficiently. 


From our Brussels office we play a leading role in managing support for several key European networks and provide technical assistance for innovative development projects at European, regional and local levels. 

Building bridges between the local and global

Our experience in the market, the public sector and in civil society organisations at both local and international levels has allowed us to build a unique team. We are totally committed to using our knowledge of global trends to develop innovative solutions that meet local needs.